Thanks for visiting my website. Based in Fullerton, California, my adventure gene has taken me to over forty countries, including multiple treks to Mt. Everest Base Camp and atop Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest summit. During my fourteen months backpacking in India, a warm hug from Mother Teresa and meeting the Dalai Lama rank among my fondest memories. After learning to scuba dive, in 2002, I embraced underwater photography as a way of sharing the ocean's wonders with non-divers. Though aesthetics is important in my photography, I also strive to capture unique perspectives that are of interest to marine biologists and other scientists who study ocean creatures and their anatomy/phylogeny.

Opisthobranchs, commonly known as sea slugs, are my favorite marine subject. In fact, I have photographed and collected specimens, with proper permitting, all around the world for scientific research. These pursuits have taken me scuba diving in all Seven Continents, including Antarctica where water temperatures were 29F (-2C). You are welcome to visit the Leatherby Libraries, Chapman University, Orange, California, where some of my opisthobranch images are on permanent display. Other works have been exhibited at the Branford House, University of Connecticut; Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Monterrey Bay Aquarium; Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach; City of Los Angeles (ELC); and other venues. When requested, I have been pleased to contribute images for numerous magazines, newspapers, academic literature and many dive related publications.

Currently, my underwater photo equipment consists of a Nikon D800, in Sea & Sea housing, and dual YS-D1 strobes. For many years, I have been active in The Orange County Underwater Photographic Society (OCUPS) and Los Angeles Underwater Photographic Society (LAUPS). The Adventurers Club of Los Angeles inducted me as a member in 2012 and I have served on the board of directors for several years. In 2017, I was accepted as a member of The Explorers Club.

Kevin Lee
Email: diverkevin@gmail.com
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